Monday, September 19, 2011

Hollywood In London

  DREE HEMINGWAY will star in Matthew Williamson's show on Sunday night - she's flying in especially from LA, where she's currently filming Starlet - just to keep a promise she made to the London-based designer in June.
  "She's become a really good mate - I love her as a person but her style is really up my street too," he told us yesterday, amid last minute fittings, surrounded by his gorgeous new collection and hundreds of multicoloured Charlotte Olympia shoes to go with it. "She's kind of like Sienna and Poppy combined - she's just sickeningly stylish."
  "I'm pretty much styling the show around her - she's gorgeous but she's also really sweet and genuine. It's incredible that she's kept to her word - she told me back in June that she'd come if she could - and here she is."
  And with big name models expected to be in London for Tom Ford's show earlier in the day, who would Williamson really like to star with Dree? "I guess the fantasy model line up would be Lara Stone, Natasha Poly, Daria Werbowy, Freja Beha Erichsen and Lily Donaldson," he says. "But they are incredibly expensive and nobody knows until the last minute if they'll be in London - but there are lots of great new girls in London at the moment so we'll see."

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