Friday, October 28, 2011

Designer Dolls For UNICEF, Marion Cotillard Is Lady Dior, Maison Martin Margiela Makes Moves In Asia, And More…

Fashion houses, including Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, and Christian Dior, all pitched in to create designer dolls for UNICEF, with proceeds going to help vaccinate children in Darfur. Les Frimousses, as they are called, will be on auction at Paris’ Drouot Montaigne on December 13.
Marc Jacobs is hosting a Halloween Beaux Arts Ball in Provincetown this weekend, designed by Bryan Rafanelli, who also planned Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. All 900 tickets for the event reportedly sold out in minutes.
The campaign doesn’t officially break until November 14, but a few of Marion Cotillard’s new Steven Klein-lensed ad campaign images have been released already. Styled by Giovanna Battaglia, the actress is showing off a crocodile-skin Lady Dior bag as she stands in front of the Hollywood hills.
Maison Martin Margiela has just opened a new store in Beijing—its largest store to date. The three-story shop has a “complete range of womenswear, menswear, and home furnishings,” and just for fun, there’s a metallic slide going from the entrance of the store to the top floor.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Show Conflict

Diane Von Furstenberg, the president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, has proposed to Mario Boselli - president of Milan's governing fashion body, the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana - that New York "bite the bullet" next year and move its dates earlier, in exchange for a formal agreement about 2013 and beyond.
"We have to protect the industry," Von Furstenberg said, the New York Times reports. "To give jobs is the number one responsibility for anyone today, and that's what we have to realise."
Whilst Boselli is reportedly considering the offer, such a move wouldn't benefit London Fashion Week - the dates of which overlap with Milan in its entirety.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Frieze Trifecta

The fusion of art, fashion, and design reached such critical mass during the five days of Frieze in London that it felt like a new social order was forming. On Tuesday night, Alber Elbaz co-hosted a dinner at the home of David Collins to celebrate an exhibition and auction at Christie's on behalf of the charity Women for Women International. Art world nabobs like Larry Gagosian, Julia Peyton-Jones, and Michael Craig-Martin joined Baillie Walsh, Mike Figgis, Jade Jagger, and Kristen McMenamy. Nice thing about London dinners at this time of year is the reunions. Phoebe Philo was chewing the risotto with old flat mate Jerry Stafford (now that's an apartment wall I'd like to have been a fly on). Feeding and watering the evening were Giorgio Locatelli and team. What does it take to get Locatelli out of his Michelin-starred kitchen? "I like cooking for David at home," said gorgeous Giorgio. And waging war on
waistlines while he was at it.

Two nights later, it was the turn of Francisco Costa and Italo Zucchelli to co-host a dinner at the former Commonwealth Institute, which will reopen in 2014 as the new home of London's Design Museum, with a redesign by John Pawson. The swooping, Brasilia-style, 1950's futurism of the building's interior comfortably dwarfed the few hundred guests. But Pawson injected some brilliant visual magic by projecting a time-lapse day-in-the-life of what the park outside will look like through the wall of glass with which he intends to replace the current concrete. This being Calvin, the dinner corraled the prettiest girls and boys in town. Freida Pinto was looking forward to the screening of her game-changing Trishna at the London Film Festival. Chris Hemsworth was remarkably sanguine about life as Thor, perhaps because he's been stuck in the Lake District filming Snow White and the Huntsman. There were several decades of famous modeling faces in attendance. You get so used to seeing pretty women in killer heels at these dos that Natalia Vodianova looked positively Russian revolutionary in flats.
On Friday, Sergio Rossi opened a new flagship store on Sloane Street and CEO Christophe Mélard and creative director Francesco Russo hosted a dinner at Marc Newson and Charlotte Stockdale's home in Victoria, which completed the week's perfect trifecta of spectacular dining venues. Russo's old friend Haider Ackermann crossed the Channel to show support. Friezers Jay Jopling, Dinos and Tiphaine Chapman, Aaron Young and Laure Heriard Dubreuil, David LaChapelle, Vladimir Restoin-Roitfeld, and Jean Pigozzi were probably grateful by this point to kick back with piña coladas (oof!) and food prepared by the Rochelle Canteen, which is one of the worthier reasons to pick up your passport and make your way to the farther reaches of London's East End.
Saturday saw one last footnote to the art/fashion/design (and food—musn't forget the food) fusion with AmnesTea, a launch party for Patrick Cox's artist-designed cakes to mark the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International. The art part was obvious (Marc Quinn, Gary Hume, Sam Taylor-Wood, Tracey Emin, and Tim Noble and Sue Webster were among the contributors). Design? The event was held at the Royal Institute of British Architects. Fashion? Food? Cox comfortably—if somewhat incongruously—straddles the worlds of footwear and baked goods. And with this Amnesty initiative, you might say he's now offering food for the soul and the sole. Or not. Anyway, the artists' creations will be available at Cox Cookies and Cake in Soho for the rest of the month. A sweet way to keep the Frieze buzz going.

Butterboom’s Best Dressed of the Week

Celebrity stylist Celia Wong takes a look at who wore what last week.

Check out last’s week’s who wore what! Local celebrities dressed up to the nines at the Swank party last week. Our best dressed last week was Lynn Xiong in a sexy lacey number by designer Ermanno Scervino.

Celebrity: Lynn Xiong
Event: Swank fashion show
What she wore: Ermanno Scervino outfit
Celia’s comments: Lynn is the best dressed this week. Her beautiful frame is completely shown off in this sexy dress. Paired with slim-cut pants the dress features a see-through lace top that has great cutting that reveals a nice bare back.

Celebrity: Angelababy
Event: Movie premiere
What she wore: Herve Leger dress and Christian Louboutin shoes
Celia’s comments: She carries the nude look very well. The dress looks sweet and stylish with some nice hardware details. It’s a good match with the summer theme of the movie premiere.

Celebrity: Alice B
Event: Swank fashion show
What she wore: Roberto Cavalli dress
Celia’s comments: The dress has a Moulin rouge feel to it. Love the feathers. Nice shimmers. It’s elegant and unique.

Celebrity: Sharon Kwok
Event: Swank fashion show
What she wore: Roberto Cavalli dress
Celia’s comments: The look is a bit clumsy. Satin dress is not for everyone because the shininess visually expands the body. The cutting of the dress doesn’t compliment her figure either.

Celebrity: Yvette Yuen
Event: Swank fashion show
What she wore: Roberto Cavalli outfit
Celia’s comments: It’s a typical Cavalli cool look and Yvette wears it well. The mix-and-match works magic here – a long dress with a short vest is very trendy.
What Celia wore this week.
Event: Swank fashion show
What she wore: Roberto Cavalli dress, Zara vest, Sel Sel jacket, Gucci belt, Sergio Rossi boots
Celia is Hong Kong’s hip fashion consultant and founder of DADA shop. She is an image consultant with HK celebrities and stars like Kelly Chen, Eric Suen, Kay and Elaine Kong.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


A lot of English press might choose to skip out the first couple of days of Paris but Day 1 as in the 29th September gave me a whole lot to get excited about.  You'll have heard about Anthony Vaccarello getting feted, celebrated and praised to the skies.  That of course without saying seeing as he won this year's ANDAM award.  Julien David who showed later that day though also deserves a spotlight though for doing something that is a little out of sync with what you'd expect from Paris.  David knows streetwear and has spent the last couple of seasons converging his indepth knowledge high grade Japanese streetwear with a meticulous use of Japanese fabrics that when combined create a vibrant mix that can hold its own up against the work of Parisian ateliers.
Julien David, whilst being French is mainly based in Tokyo and like a few other Japanese designers who showed at Paris, tremors of what happened earlier in the year in Japan did ripple through their collections, even if it was a subconsious thing.  For David, he imagined a world collapsing on itself - a big bang in reverse and despite that immense vision, what actually manifested in the collection were a series of carefully researched and articulated prints that graced loose separates, tailored jackets that had multiple darts to convey the 'crunch' of the earth.  The relaxed slouch of David's clothes actually does click in with the sporty vibes of  S/S 12 but I get the impression that his clothes are more about real ease and comfort rather than clothes with sporty undertones but lack actual function.  David's pockets in his trousers and shorts look properly deep too - if I can't bung a phone, a wallet, a small point and shoot and a lipbalm in them, they're not proper pockets to me...    

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boots for Fall

I know Fall is about booties,right? that’s why I did my researched on what are the boots that you may consider for the season. And think one of it was this “Carry ankle boots” that you can buy online, just type in the boots name and which I believed all the online stores that had this boots are pretty much shown on the Google search. Anyway, the boots has a price of 379 usd quite expensive yeah, but the quality of this boots is really good and I’m pretty sure this boots will get lasted.
And the other Black boots here which has a name of “Pour La Victoire Dayton lace up”,  is made of leather and high quality materials that can make this boot a $158. This boots is quite pricey but yet a nice deal than on the first boots,right? so yeah, these will be the 2 boots that I think will work on you this Fall. But lemme update this soon for more. Thanks for now and need to take my sleep, I’m bit dizzy.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hottest Designers at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012

Our favourite looks from London Fashion Week for Spring 2012.
London Fashion Week is often regarded as the most eccentric of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks, yet for Spring/Summer 2012 many labels married a commercial sensibility with edgy but playful designs. It looks like next season will be big on colour, patterns and print.
We reviewed the shows and here’s our pick on the hottest looks from the six days, selected based on what we want to have in our own wardrobes!
                          Julien Macdonald
The king of the sexy cocktail dress returned with his take on Givenchy-inspired fringing. Julien Macdonald‘s shimmering gowns, detailed with swinging metallic tassels and intricate beading, had luxe glamour in spades!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shoe Hoo Hoo writen by style bubble

  Seeing as when I last "designed" something, I added a hee-hee to Tee, I thought i'd do the same with Shoe. Actually, designing is rather a loose term for the t-shirt I did for Borders & Frontiers. Collaging? Curating? I suppose they're all very buzzy words to be touting these days.
  I don't want to say I DESIGNED a shoe and talk about lofty influences. I had a bunch of things I wanted to incoporate that reminded me of this hanging out in Camden when I was wee teen - dodgy yellow patent trousers, fluffy fake fur backpacks and then I wanted to do a shoe that is sort of like my ugly David Bowie silver platform shoes, which I stomp around in constantly because the heel platform is so comfy. With all that combined, hopefully the effect is that you either love it or hate it. My main objective was to do a shoe that doesn't really exist out there in shoeland, be it high or lwo. That may well be for a good reason, depending on how you feel about the combo of lilac ponyskin, neon yellow patent and tan leather. You're probably all a bit whatevs about it. It's ok to have indifference or hatred towards said combo by the by.
  Just to recap, Six London, the company behind the production of shoes for brands like bStore and Opening Ceremony asked six bloggers to participate in a shoe collaboration project whereby we got to design our dream shoes. It's not so much a commercial project as it is a fun/creative one where we go to design the shoe that we'd wear as only twenty pairs will go into production, so if the likelihood is that I'm the only person who loves my own shoe, that's all find and dandy. I've already blah-ed on about the whole 'assuming the position of designer' thing here, so I'll save my breath.
  I'm probably going to contradict myself in saying I didn't DESIGN a thing, seeing as I did knock up a moodboard for the purpose of helping Six London's in-house designer Simona Citarella (who like I said has her own fantastic line of shoes now...) to 'get' the idea of what the shoe is vibing off of...
My original sketch image thingy had a back section that sort of wraps around the back to make it into more of a mid-calf boot but in the end, I thought there was already a lot going on to say the least.  Ditto for the karibiner fixture although I think I was just using the shoe as an excuse to bung a karibiner on.  The wood grain leather was alas an ambitious feat, with the time constraints so I went for a plain tan leather instead.
Simona Citarella's much prettier sketch of the shoe that was being worked on as a first prototype...

 The first samples/second prototypes are back and we had a wee launch for them in Paris on Monday night where I got to see the shoe in person for the first time, hold it in my hand and get excited about wearing it (all instances where I have neon yellow and lilac in my wardrobe are being quickly scanned through in my head...).  The curve on the heel at the back was a touch I didn't anticipate but actually gives the shoe more symmetry.  The lilac ponyskin is going to be slightly less pinky and more purply when it does go into its limited production run of 20.

Louboutin On Show

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN'S work and life is set to become the subject of his first ever UK retrospective, starting in March next year at the Design Museum in London.
The display will document Louboutin's 20-year career, exploring how he has managed to transform shoe design and offering an insight into his creative process. The exhibition will also look at the designer's creative influences, from Parisian music hall to film, as well as a showcasing his iconic designs.
Christian Louboutin will take place at the Design Museum from March 28 - July 1.
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