Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boots for Fall

I know Fall is about booties,right? that’s why I did my researched on what are the boots that you may consider for the season. And think one of it was this “Carry ankle boots” that you can buy online, just type in the boots name and which I believed all the online stores that had this boots are pretty much shown on the Google search. Anyway, the boots has a price of 379 usd quite expensive yeah, but the quality of this boots is really good and I’m pretty sure this boots will get lasted.
And the other Black boots here which has a name of “Pour La Victoire Dayton lace up”,  is made of leather and high quality materials that can make this boot a $158. This boots is quite pricey but yet a nice deal than on the first boots,right? so yeah, these will be the 2 boots that I think will work on you this Fall. But lemme update this soon for more. Thanks for now and need to take my sleep, I’m bit dizzy.

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